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Publications and Research

The management encourages the faculty to undertake project works in the laboratories of the institute and provides with many facilities and also research publications by the faculty and students are encouraged.



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K.Swetha, M.Ramyasri, Dr.P.Narasimha Reddy, Dr.B.JagadeeshBabu,

Dr. P. Kishore

Assessment and comparison of outcome in different treatment groups of alcoholic liver cirrhosis patients


International Journal of Scientific Progress and Research111(39)85-90 2017, ISSN:2349-4689



Syed Umar Farooq, Dr.A.Narsimha Reddy,



Assessment of Health Related Quality Of Life in Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome patients and factors affecting Ovarian follicular size


Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences  4(10) 3430-3438, 2017, ISSN:2349-7750


D.Geetha Rani,


R. Deepthi

Dr. P. Kishore

Effect of thyroid disorders on various organ systems.     


European Journal of BioMedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences11(4)271-277 2017, Impact factor: 4.382, ISSN:2349-8870



Dr. M. VenkataRamana, P. Durga

Dr. P.Kishore

Post Hemodialysis effects in Chronic Renal Failure patients  


American Journal of Pharmtech Research7(5),260-266,2017, ISSN:2249-3387


Ch. Jyothi,

Dr. T. Sanjay, Dr. D. Sudheerkumar, R. Deepthi

Dr. P. Kishore

Prophylactic effect of sodium valproate in traumatic brain injury patients with early post-traumatic seizures.


IOSR - Journal of Pharmacy9 (11), 35-41, 2017, ISSN(e): 2250-3013, ISSN(p): 2319-4219


K.Prathyusha, Dr.K.Ramesh


Prevalence and prescribing pattern in Orthopaedic department at a rural hospital set up – A Prospective Observational study.

European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research4(10) 355-361, 2017, Impact5 factor: 4.161, ISSN:2394-3211




Assessment of Quality of Life in breast cancer patients – A Literature review


World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  6(12)481-488, 2017, Impact factor: 7.523, ISSN: 2277-71-5


P.Nikhithasri, M.Ramyasri, P.Kishore

Assessment of Medication Errors in Pediatric Inpatient Department of a Private Hospital.

International Journal of Current Pharmaceutical Research Vol 9(6) 70-75, 2017, ISSN:0975-7066


Y.Snehapriya, P.Kishore

Schizophrenia: A Review with Emphasis on Atypical Antipsychotics                                             

World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research6(12)466-480, 2017, Impact factor: 7.523, ISSN: 2277-7105


B.Shivaranjani, Dr.T.Sanjay, G.Praneeth, P.Kishore

Outcome Assessment In Traumatic Brain Injury Patients: A Single Centre Study


International Journals of Medical and Health Research3 (10) 21-25, 2017, Impact factor: 5.54, ISSN:2454-9142


K.Prathyusha, Dr.A.Y.Rao, G.Praneeth, P.Kishore

Pattern of Adverse Drug Reactions In Cancer Patients At A Tertiary Care Hospital In Telangana Region of South India.

IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences                12(4) 87-95, 2017, Impact factor: ……, ISSN(e); 2278-3008 ISSN(p): 2319-7676


Ch. KarthikVardhan Reddy, Dr.B. Siva Subramanyam,M.Ramyasri, D.Sudheer Kumar, P.Kishore

Comparison of efficacy of ARB’s and ACEI’s in treatment of microalbuminuria with Type II     Diabetes


World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

6(8) 1850-1859, 2017, Impact factor: 6.647, ISSN:2278-4357


Y.snehapriya, K.Prathyusha,

Dr. K. Narahari, P.Kishore

Treatment pattern in Respiratory Tract Infections: an Observational study on Paediatric Population

World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 6(8) 1547-1556, 2017, Impact factor: 6.647, ISSN:2278-4357


MadetipatiNethaji, BeriSandeep,

K. Vijay Kumar


A prospective observational study on prevalence and prescribing pattern of drugs in urological conditions in telangana region

European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research 4(7) 751-757, 2017, Impact factor: 4.161, ISSN: 2394-3211


G.Swathi, DrSainiVenkateshwarulu, R. Deepthi.


Evaluation of Quality of Life and Medication Adherence in Type-II Diabetic Patients.

Journal of Medical Science and Clinical ResearchVol 5 (6) , 23811-23820, June 2017, Impact factor:  5.84, ISSN(e): 2347-176x ISSN(p): 2455-0450


K.Varunraj, Syed Umar Farooq, Dr.P.Kishore, Dr.Sudheerkumar, Dr.V.Chandrashekar.

Comparative study of quality of life in Patients living with HIV/AIDS in Telangana Region.

Journal of Medical Science and Clinical ResearchVol 5 (5),22402-22410, May 2017, Impact factor: 5.84, ISSN(e): 2347-176x ISSN(p) :2455-0450



E.HariKrishna, P.Durga,

Dr.Sudheerkumar, Dr.P.Kishore, Dr.V.Chandrashekar.

Epidemiological study of Opportunistic infections in HIV Sero positive patients in South India.

Journal of Medical Science and Clinical ResearchVol 5 (5),22397-22401, May 2017, Impact factor: 5.84, ISSN(e): 2347-176x ISSN(p): 2455-0450


Durga.P, Abhinav P, Varun Raj,


Evaluation of Prescribing Patterns using WHO indicators at Out-patient Department of a private Hospital in Warangal

IOSR Journal of Pharmacy and Biological SciencesVol 12 (3), page no:1-4,  May 2017, Impact factor: 4,956, ISSN(O): 2458-868X ISSN(P) 2458-8687


S.Ruksar, P.Manjula

Assessment of major complications in Pregnancy: A single centre study

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Vol 5(5)  1-6, 2017, ISSN 2320-4850


E.Harikrishna, P.Manjula, D.Sudheer Kumar,P.Kishore

Prescribing Pattern Of Antibiotics In Pediatric Out-Patient Department  World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research      17(6), Page no:1048-1054, Impact factor: 7.523, ISSN: 2277-7105, 2017 



Md. Younus mohiuddin, Syed Arshad, D.Sudheer Kumar, P.Kishore

Analysis of prescription in the department of cosmotic surgery-According to WHO prescribing indicators.         International Journal of Medical Science and Innovative Research vol: 3, Issue :6, December -2018, Page no:109-115 Impact factor : 4.956, ISSN : 0:2458-868X, ISSN-P:2458-8687,


P.Soni, D.Sudheer kumar, P.Kishore

An overview on obesity.    Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research,  vol:6, Issue:11 , November 2018, page no:858-866 , Impact factor :6.379, ISSN (e)-2347-176x ISSN (p)2455-0450


G.Jagadeesh kumar , SKMubin pasha , D.Sudheer kumar , P.Kishore

Prostate cancer-A review          International Journal Of Basic and  Applied Research, vol: 8 Number : 12, December 2018, Impact factor : 5.86, ISSN2249-3352 (p) 2278-0505 (E).


Dr.P.Kishore, V.Ravali, K. Veena kawal, D.Sudheer Kumar

Drug Induced Thyroid Disorders-A Review  ,                                               European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences  , vol: 5, Issue : 12, Page no: 153-160, 2018 ,   Impact factor:4.918, ISSN2349-8870


Dr. P. Kishore, K.Prathyusha

Assessment of Quality of life in breast cancer patients- A literature review   World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  ,  vol:6, issue:12,Page no:481-488,  Impact factor:7.523 , , ISSN 2277-7105.


Hari hasan chunchu, Swathi.G, Jagadeesh babu. B

Atypical Anti-Psychotic induced Neuroleptic malignant syndrome ,        Journal of International Research in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences  , Vol: 12, Issue:4, Page no: 113-116, 2017, Impact factor:      ………..  ,

 ISSN: 2395-4477(P), ISSN:2395-4485(O)


Punam Kumari Jha , Nalin Chaudhary, Abhinav .P

A Case Report: Phenylketonuria in a one year–old child from India   , International Archives of Integrated Medicine  , Vol:4, Issue: 9, September 2017, Impact factor: …… , ISSN:2394-0026(P)  , ISSN:2394-0034(O)


B.Mayuri, B.Pravalika, D.Sudheer kumar, P.Kishore

Effect of Diabetes Mellitus on Heart Failure – A review  ,                             World Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research  , Vol: 7, Issue:19, Page no: 464-475 , Impact factor:8.074, November 2018,  ISSN: 2277-7105


K.Shireesh kumar, M.Jagadeesh reddy, D.Sudheer kumar, P.Kishore

World Wide Prevalance of Osteoporosis and its Management-A Review                   World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, Vol:7, Issue:19, Page no:442-463, Impact factor:8.074, ISSN:2277-7105


D.Naga jyothi, D.Sudheer kumar, P.Kishore

Cardio vascular Side effects of Cancer Therapy- A Review,                  International Journal of Medical Science and Current Research, Vol:1, Issue:3, Page no:147-158, October2018, Impact factor:4.61, ISSN:2209-287


Y.Sri vidya, S. Krishna veni, D.Sudheer kumar, P.Kishore

Medication Errors- A Systemic Review  ,                                                   International Journal of Basic and  Applied Research , Vol:8, Issue:12, December 2018,  Impact factor:5.86, ISSN2249-3352(P) 2278-0505(E)


A.Ananya, M.Sai kala, D.Sudheer kumar, P.Kishore

Poly cystic Ovary Syndrome : Overview  ,                                                   European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research , Vol:5, Issue:12, Page no:184-193, 2018, Impact factor:4.897, ISSN:2394-3211


SK.Saavin Husna, D.Sudheer Kumar, P.Kishore

A Review on Restless Legs Syndrome and its Management  ,                     Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research , Vol:6, Issue:11, Page no:187-194, November 2018, Impact factor:6.379, ISSN(e)2347-176x ISSN(p)2455-0450


K.Rohith, D.Vamshi Krishna, P.Manjula

A Clinic Based on Observational Study on Association between Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Alcohol  , American Journal of Pharmtech Research  , Vol:8, Issue:5,Page no:71-77, 2018  Impact factor: …….., ISSN:2249-3387


D.Vamshi Krishna, K.Rohith kumar, P.Manjula

The Role of Clinical Pharmacist in Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases  , World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  , Vol:8, Issue:1, 2019, Impact factor: 8.074, ISSN:2277-7105, I


Abhinav .P, Ashok.D, Manjula.P

A Clinic Based on Comparative Study on Monotherapy and Combination Therapy in Epilepsy  , 

Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research, Vol:6, Issue:9, Page no:278-283, September 2018, Impact factor:6.379, ISSN(e)2347-176x ISSN(p)2455-0450