Pharmaceutical services have been invaluable to society for many centuries and have assumed greater importance in our times when "Wonder drugs" have become so common place that they are almost taken for granted.
The option open to graduates in pharmacy area include production, quality control area, research and development detailing departments in pharmaceutical industries, administration and management, marketing, Hospital and in teaching for higher education.
Some of the opportunities for a graduate in pharmacy are listed below :
Industrial Pharmacy - As Executive and Managers in
Pharmaceutical Production
Quality Assurance 
Research and Development
Pharmaceutical Marketing
Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy - As Hospital and Clinical Pharmacist
Regulatory Agencies (Govt. agencies)
Drug Inspectors
Analytical Chemist
Education and Research - M.Pharm, PhD 
Entrepreneurship - Opening own Pharmaceutical Industry
Post graduates in Pharmacy are readily absorbed by the industries, CROs and other health care sectors.
Other Opportunities 
Pharmaceutical Management
Pharmaceutical Consultants
Pharmaceutical Journalism