Anti Discrimination Cell


Date: 07/01/2019

Anti Discrimination Cell

Care College of Pharmacy, Warangal has constituted the Anti-Discrimination Cell in compliance to the UGC Regulations, 2012 (Promotion of Equity in Higher Educational Institutions and Grievance Redressal) with the following members to look after the students related matters.

Anti Discrimination cell Members details:

1.       Prof. P.Manjula,                   Chairperson

2.       Dr. G.Kumaraswamy,          Convenor

3.       Dr. K.Madhavi,                     Member

4.       Mr.Sd.Umar Farooq,            Member

5.       Mr.Sd.Sharufuddin               Member

6.       T.Lavanya                            Member

7.       Mr.B.Shailendra                   Coordinator


1.       The Cell will look into the matters (if any) of depriving a student or a group of students on the basis of caste, creed, religion, language, ethnicity, gender, disability of access etc. to education of any type or at any level.

2.       The Cell will try to safeguard the interest of the students without any prejudice to their caste, creed, religion etc. and also to eliminate discrimination against or harassment of any students in all forms as well as to promote equality among students of all sections of the society in Assam University.

3.       The student/s can contact the Cell in the below mentioned address:

4.  Prof. Dr.P.Manjula,  Anti-Discrimination Officer, Care College of Pharmacy-Warangal, -506006, Mobile No.09441640437, Dr.G.Kumaraswamy, Mobile No.9000973789, Convenor, Anti-Discrimination Cell, Dr.K.Madhavi, Assistant Professor, Examination Section, Care College of Pharmacy,Warangal -506006. 

Prof. Dr.P.Manjula

Mobile No: 09441640437

Email id: